Lit Bite: An impression about Urban life

‘Lit Bite’ is a collection of nano-texts that may or may not have an ending. For me, it represents a reflexive moment, a time to think about Writing and about my life in the city, with all the great and terrible feelings it brings me. They are short, small scenes with memories or imagined situations. What do you think? Wanna join me in this adventure?

The Rock Gallery in São Paulo lies in the very heart of the city; the centre, noisy and full. Or – ‘usually noisy and full’, since that day it was the complete opposite. Perhaps the ever-falling temperature of Winter (or the sticky sadness in the air) left the streets empty. The sky, cold and grey, hid between tall buildings, was cut by pointy concrete apartments and signal towers.

Inside one of those buildings, a small shop was still opened, a small neon sign hanging behind a dimmed glass display window. The ‘Tattoo Club’ was not at all crowded during that Wednesday afternoon; the two women sat on the wooden bench near the door, while Death Metal beamed through hidden sound boxes. The guttural love song mixed with all the solitude around the place. On the reception, a single old man (his hair sprinkled with grey hair strands) headbanged the rhythm, his glasses’ thick lenses somewhat dirty.

“So-” the younger one tried again. “I wanted that vertical labret. You know? The one that goes here?” And she pulled her lip downwards. “Here?”

The man nodded – or continued to listen to the song, the women were not sure. “How much will it cost?” The other tried.

Only then turning down the volume, the man asked: “What exactly? A piercing?”

“Piercing, yes, a vertical labret. On her lips?”

“Oh, I love this song,” the man muttered.

Everyone can tell a story – but there are more than just one way to do it.

Drawing people to your world and making it believable, in my humble opinion, is not at all easy. You can’t say too much or you’ll risk being boring. You can’t say too little or you’ll risk being shallow. This balance, the way you find this balance, to me, is what defines you as a writer. Where and HOW you use descriptions, how you balance show/tell, everything.

There are absolutely no rules – don’t believe on those who say the opposite. Do what you will to make your narrative interesting. Experiment with it, have fun!

To bring ‘reality’ to my work, what I like to do is to focus on scenes spread on different weeks/days/hours. In my opinion, to make clear that nothing is absolutely interesting all the time is key – not even heroes save the world all the time.

In this Lit Bite, I tried to convey one specific moment I experienced last week. There was something about the air that day. Something cold and lonely that left me spaced out for hours!

x Ligia



4 thoughts on “Lit Bite: An impression about Urban life

  1. Oh, so this is what happened to your cousin! Glad to hear she didn’t just hammer a nail on her lip by mistake :’D
    Nice text, by the way! It was just the description of an ordinary day in the city I live and yet it let me willing to know what would happen next. The atmosphere you created made a simple scenary look very curious and interesting to the reader!



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