A different POV: Not another Wednesday night.

♥ Have you ever wondered how much a scene can change if seen through another character’s eyes? Have you ever thought the different meaning a single conversation can have? Maybe something that means absolutely nothing for one character can mean the world for another – and the way they react show much more of their inner self than any amount of spreadsheets and lists.

This is a GREAT exercise to get to know your character better and also to understand his/hers motivations! Today I want to show you one of my favourite scenes from “‘My Sharona’ your ass!” as seen by another character. I hope you enjoy it!

Before reading: There are not spoilers in this text – but if you’ve read chapter “Please, Please, Please” on Wattpad already, the experience might be slightly different. If want to reread it, you can do it on this link! ♥

If I had to describe her as anything at all; if I had nothing but one word to do it… I don’t know. Maybe I’d use ‘green’. After all, green is my favourite colour. And she is one of my favourite people in this city.



The door opens and her smile opens too – just as easily. It’s wide as if seeing me was a great pleasure. As if that smile wasn’t only some sort of charming greeting. Which probably is. Perhaps I’m smiling as well, but I’m not sure. I’m too busy to notice.

Instead, I notice something else: in the way she moves, I can see her will to hug me; in the way the muscles on her arms and legs tense, I can see she stops herself.

I wish she hadn’t.

“Stark, so good to see you!” Her words magnetise me; I pat her head, my fingers craving for contact. Innocent contact. Any contact.

“How are you, shorty?” I ask. I know she hates when I call her that. I also know, by the contained smile on her face, she secretly enjoys it. 

“You know you’re not that taller, don’t you?” 

I don’t need half a moment to answer her: “Every inch counts. And I want to make sure you’ll notice how tall I’m becoming.” Shit, I hope she won’t get me wrong!, I think. With the thought in mind, I clear my throat. I need a change of subject.“Anyhow – Can I take a shower here? Mine’s broken. The water simply won’t get hot.”

It’s a lie. 

Mum is taking a shower. For the length of it, she’ll probably go on a date… If she does, I don’t want to be at home when she comes back. She makes a lot of noise when she comes back from dates. Mainly when she’s not alone.

“Sure!” She says – again, she makes it sounds as if I’m welcome. As if I’m cherished. “I’ll soon start cooking dinner if you want to stay a little longer…” My heart pumps a trembling wave throughout my body. I’m glad I’m still outside, hidden by a half-shadow from the corridor.

All around me, the city sounds are harsh, metallic, cold. In front of me, a hideout.

My fingers wrap strongly the towel on my shoulder. I want to stay, but I don’t want to sound too desperate. I want to sound cool.

Like Chess would.

“Why not?” I ask. I want to wink and smirk, but I can’t. I’ll try that later with Becca.”What’s on the menu?”

“Noodles with fried bacon.”

And I’m sure I wasn’t expecting this answer. I laugh. Delighted. “Maybe I should cook something decent – what you want to eat?”

“Oh, can you cook beef? Or – even better – lamb? I have some in the fridge, but I simply don’t know how to cook it.”

I chuckle, nudging her arm. Again her words. The contact. “Why would you buy it, then?”

She smiles. “Nah, I don’t know. I just figured I’d have some inspired moment and follow a recipe, but with all the things in my head…” She trails off. I nod – yes, I understand. She has a lot to worry about.

I want to help. “Not a problem. I’ll make you something incredibly tasty, to fill you with energy.”

“Oh, my hero!” She mutters, then pulling me into a hug. It’s… warm. Comfortable. My arms around her feel comfortable. Her tepid soft flesh bending under mine… It feels right. Suddenly, I feel a pang of shame. We should never have argued. We should never have stopped talking… But it’s ok, I tell myself. For I’m in the right place now.

“I’m Iron Man, am I not?” I say. 

Shar looks at me and smirks, her right dimple deep in her cheek, adorably tainting her attitude with cuteness. “Iron man? I thought you preferred Iron LawMan…”

Shit. Shit, shit, shit!

I was not ready for this. My eyes widen, my cheeks burn. The devious woman in front of me laughs; the weight and the warmth of her bare arms are now around my shoulders. I can’t sustain her gaze – instead, I pull her arms off me.

“So you watched the videos eh?” She nods as I run a hand through my hair, fingers nervously looking for some activity, heart desperately looking for something to calm it down.“Good. Well, I’ll… I’ll take my shower and, and-”

“Go on, Sir.” She says. Her words, her tone, everything about her that moment is soothing.I wanted to go back to her hug. But I know I can’t. “I need to finish some stuff here.”

“Sir, eh? Well. At least it’s not ‘kid’ anymore.” She laughs as I walk to her room.

The floral perfume inside it invades my nostrils. I enter her small cream and aged gold bathroom, a hand running the hung red towel. Beside it, I hang my green one, my hands working on undressing, my eyes on studying.

And as I turn the water on, curiously checking her shampoos, I ponder about all this. More than that, I change my mind… If I had to describe her as anything at all; if I had nothing but one word to do it…

I’d use the word ‘home’.

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