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Evolve 2, Diversity in Media & TheWattys2016.

Ok, let’s start this the right way: With massive, monstrous, gigaaaantic Dinosaurs!

Evolve Stage 2 is a PC game that only recently started to make some real success among PC players. The reason involves marketing, the right mechanic, the right timing and, more than anything else, the right decision. And there’s A LOT to learn and even more yet to see in the Evolve Stage 2 saga to Eternal Success, but what I want to dwell on are the characters.

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Brain: Please stop living in the future!

‘I want results. I should be already successful. I’m not sure I’m on the right track.’

Do you recognise yourself in any of the previous sentences? Well… I do. In all of them, in fact. And it’s hard, I know it very well: It’s not an easy task to control anxiety. To live in the future. Mainly when TODAY you have bills to pay, impatient family members to answer to and social norms to follow.

And my mind was filled with that type of questions until a very short while ago. It was torturing me so much that I’d have to repeat several times to myself how much bravery one needs to do what I did: To throw oneself in the unknown with hope, a plan and a great will to succeed.

But – Will I?

 Shit, (I answered) how should I know?

And this may sound stupid, but that sentence set me free. With this new answer in mind, I searched for a resolution that could help me achieve what I want. And this new resolution was simple:

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