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Not-so-urban- LitBite: A rainy beach, a melting popsicle.

‘Lit Bite’ is a collection of nano-texts that may or may not have an ending. For me, it represents a reflexive moment, a time to think about Writing and about my life in the city, with all the great and terrible feelings it brings me. They are short, small scenes with memories or imagined situations. What do you think? Wanna join me in this adventure?

I lived in Rio for seven years before moving to São Paulo, to this small city called Santa Lucrécia.

Used with all the comforts the big city brings, I was completely tormented for a long year. In Rio, I had my own toy stove, a collection of beautiful Japanese dolls and more than one private English teacher, who also used to taught me painting and piano. Arriving at Santa Lucrécia, though, I noticed my toy stove was broken, my Japanese dolls were missing and Mrs and Mr Fonseca, my teachers, wouldn’t ever come back for the next class.

I was completely heartbroken and it’s safe to say I faced a really long period of depression that culminated in long, harsh punishments from my strict Mom and Dad.

The more they pressed, the more I fought.

The more I fought, the more they pressed.

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