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A different POV: Not another Wednesday night.

♥ Have you ever wondered how much a scene can change if seen through another character’s eyes? Have you ever thought the different meaning a single conversation can have? Maybe something that means absolutely nothing for one character can mean the world for another – and the way they react show much more of their inner self than any amount of spreadsheets and lists.

This is a GREAT exercise to get to know your character better and also to understand his/hers motivations! Today I want to show you one of my favourite scenes from “‘My Sharona’ your ass!” as seen by another character. I hope you enjoy it!

Before reading: There are not spoilers in this text – but if you’ve read chapter “Please, Please, Please” on Wattpad already, the experience might be slightly different. If want to reread it, you can do it on this link! ♥

If I had to describe her as anything at all; if I had nothing but one word to do it… I don’t know. Maybe I’d use ‘green’. After all, green is my favourite colour. And she is one of my favourite people in this city.



The door opens and her smile opens too – just as easily. It’s wide as if seeing me was a great pleasure. As if that smile wasn’t only some sort of charming greeting. Which probably is. Perhaps I’m smiling as well, but I’m not sure. I’m too busy to notice.

Instead, I notice something else: in the way she moves, I can see her will to hug me; in the way the muscles on her arms and legs tense, I can see she stops herself.

I wish she hadn’t.

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