Evolve 2, Diversity in Media & TheWattys2016.

Ok, let’s start this the right way: With massive, monstrous, gigaaaantic Dinosaurs!

Evolve Stage 2 is a PC game that only recently started to make some real success among PC players. The reason involves marketing, the right mechanic, the right timing and, more than anything else, the right decision. And there’s A LOT to learn and even more yet to see in the Evolve Stage 2 saga to Eternal Success, but what I want to dwell on are the characters.

This babe here is one of my favourites:

Her name is Maggie, and she’s not only “Jesus Christ, a woman properly dressed in a game!” No, she’s more. She’s a beautiful black woman who’s NOT A SUPPORT. The developers (the guys from 2K) made sure to add both male and female characters to each of the 4 holes (Support, Medic, Trapper and Heavy) and some diversity. You’ll see nord, chinese, black and white people. You can even play as an old Lady inside a MECHA! How cool is that?

Absolutely awesome. And it’s passed the time other medias learned that because we /need/ everyone to feel represented. We NEED more books and games and movies and /everything/ about everyone.

Can you imagine the pain of a black little girl feeling her lips are too fleshy for the white standards? Can you imagine an Asian boy feeling ugly because he can’t be like his classmates? Or a transgender young man feeling excluded from every game he plays, because he can’t really relate to any character?

Yeah. I do know we still have a long way to go and several problems to address to, but I believe we, as one single race – the human race – will grow and learn fast from now on.

And I do intend to help. “Tales for the Unwanted”, in fact, is my way of doing that.

  • Right, Ligia. Now – you mentioned TheWattys 2016 and a ‘squeeze-hug’?

Indeed I did, dear friend.

If you don’t know it already, ‘The Wattys’ is possibly one of the biggest Digital writing Awards nowadays, offered by Wattpad. Honestly, I have no idea how they rank the stories and chose their winners – what I do know is: Win this. Become famous.

But more than becoming famous, what I want this year is to see diverse stories by new authors, like WeHoardCats (who writes beautifully, btw – please check them). We need even more diversity than Evolve 2 has! Hell, I want these winners to be as diverse as our world really is. I want them to represent everyone. To represent great stories about real people – having powers or supernatural connections or not.

*Takes a deep breath* Yes. That’s what I wanted to say.

Oh! And if you, by any chance, have no idea where to start, maybe you can check my Book, Tales for the Unwanted 😉 If, you read it and think it deserves a chance to compete with TheWattys’ giants, please don’t forget to vote, comment and add it to your reading lists, so you can always keep tuned to updates! Sure, sharing the story helps a WHOLE lot too 🙂

If you do, please let me know, so I can thank you properly – and surely hold my will to squeeze-hug you. ♥ Oh, one more thing: if you start playing Evolve 2, don’t forget to drop me a message with your Steam nickname, so we can play it together! 🙂

A kiss;






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